The City of Bayswater provides its residents with a three Bulk General Waste Bins for general house hold items.
Households are entitled to three Bulk General Waste Bins per year (1 April – 31 March). All Bulk General Waste Bins are minimum of three cubic metres (3m3) in size.
Alternatively if you are unable to utilise the Bulk General Waste Bin and require Tip Passes please contact the City of Bayswater on (08) 92720605
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Please see the below FAQs to answer any questions.

What types of bins are available?

A three cubic metre (3m3) bulk bin is available for general household waste (Please refer to information below in regards to what can be placed into the bin).

How long will the bin be on my verge for?

Weekday bins are delivered Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and will remain on your property for two nights and one day. Weekend bins will be delivered Thursday or Friday and will remain on your property over the weekend and will be collected either Monday or Tuesday the following week.

Where will the bin be placed?

The bins are placed on the verge outside of the property.
Please note you may be required to sign a waiver if placing the bin on the verge has the potential to cause damage to property. This includes damage to:
  • Polished concrete
  • Tiles
  • Paving
  • Artificial turf
  • All other fixed structures

If the driver delivering your bulk bin believes there is a chance damage could occur they will discuss this with you and how you would like to proceed.

If damage could occur to your property, without a signed waiver we will not be able to place the skip bin onto your property.

Note: If resident requests Bulk Bin to be placed on the driveway at the property a Disclaimer form needs to be completed. Click here to download.

Why has a bin arrived on my verge full?

Due to logistical reasons please be aware that some bulk bins when delivered to your property may be full upon arrival. Please be assured that the rubbish will be emptied on the same day as delivery and that this will not affect the time you have to fill your bin.

How big are the bins?

The Bulk Bin provided will be three (3m3) cubic metres in size. Please ensure that you measure your larger items to ensure they will fit (without going over the fill line).
If you go above this line the truck will not be able to safely lift the bin. If this occurs you will be asked to remove the extra items from the bulk bin within 24 hours.

If you can't fit the items in the bulk bin please call (08) 9449 3338.